ArchiLam® anti-slip glass flooring

Anti-slip glass flooring and stair treads


ArchiLam Anti-Slip Glass Flooring combines the aesthetic qualities of glass in transparent, patterned and opaque varieties for a stunning alternative to flooring and stairs in public and private spaces. For added visual impact, they can also be custom painted or LED lit.

The wide range of subtle textures and patterns suit small or large installations such as foyers, balconies, exhibitions, stair treads. Surprisingly ArchiLam offers an even safer surface to walk on than most conventional proven as they undergo rigorous European testing which proves that their grip is guaranteed in dry and wet conditions, even in pool areas.

An visually aesthetic flooring result is a given, but on a practical note, the satin finish also deflects dirt and marks, making it a low maintenance solution.


Stair treads
Commercial flooring
Concept flooring
Feature flooring


Ecosat maté and patterned finishes