DecorDesign satin-etched glass

Satin etched patterned glass

DecorDesign offers a creative twist on satin-etched glass through a range of stunningly timeless two-textured patterns complimented by a brilliant enameled finish.

They enable glass to be the main feature for decorative applications including splashbacks, wall cladding, balustrades, feature windows, partitions, entry foyers and other general screening. The patterns cover different looks and design preferences – from delicate satin effects inspired by nature to deep bold statement pieces – each evoking a different sensation.

‘Strip’ is a delicate lineal pattern suitable for both small and large installations while ‘Fili’ is a bold pattern of curved lines overlapping ideal for larger applications.

Inspired by nature, ‘Merletto’ (meaning “lace”, but also referencing the glass-blowing feature of a lattice network of white threads) is reminiscent of a busy spider, while ‘Staccato’ (meaning an abrupt method of playing musical notes) embodies a mural created from white dots of different sizes and intensity.

As the name suggests, ‘Tree’ is a two textured tree print which looks particularly striking as a larger installation when backpainted while ‘Fuzzy’ is a fine haphazzard criss cross pattern ideal for small and medium installations.

The combination of gloss and matt that form these patterns deliver a uniquely stunning surface that is both durable and practical and as they are designed and manufactured in Italy and processed locally by Glassworks, consistent quality is guaranteed. 


Wall cladding
Feature windows
Entry foyers

Sheet Sizes

2250 x 3210 available in 10mm thickness


Strip, Fili, Merletto, Staccato, Tree, Fuzzy


  • Strip (new)
  • Fili (new)
  • Fuzzy (limited)
  • Tree (limited)
  • Merletto (limited)
  • Staccato (limited)
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