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Solar control​

Suntuitive's adaptability means the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) varies between 0.40 and 0.26 depending on the intensity of the sun.

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Thermal insulation

Unlike permanent dark tints, Suntuitive lets the sun in when it's needed and blocks it when it's not, for better insulated buildings.

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Dynamic tint

Suntuitive's dynamic tint adjusts the light transmission depending on the sun's position, mitigating the need for blinds or overhangs.

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Energy saving

Suntuitive manages a building’s changing needs for passive solar heat gain and natural daylight to lower heating, air conditioning and artificial lighting loads.

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Suntuitive MonoLite's best feature is the ability to adjust the Visible Light Transmission (VLT) from 57-4% as needed over the day.

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Fade protection

Suntuitive completely blocks UV light, for the most superior fade protection.

Time of day Vs Light Transmission (VLT)

Glazing that is efficient in one season might not be efficient in another. The same principle applies for different times of the day when the sun position and intensity changes.

The below diagram shows how regular glazing with fixed performance can cause the room to flood with too much daylight, heat, and glare at certain times of the day. As you can see, dynamic glazing adjusts room illuminance as needed to ensure only the right amount of light and heat is entering the building throughout the day.

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Glass Options

  • Can be laminated with clear, grey or green glass for different looks and performance figures

Glazing options

  • Retrofit, replacement and new construction in both commercial and residential applications
  • Vertical or sloped glazing,  curved or shaped
  • Combine with pyrolitic Low-E coatings on the room side for enhanced performance

Typical Laminate Assembly

Suntuitive Plus Mono Construction DIN


The variable performance of Suntuitive MonoLite compared to either clear or tinted windows (with fixed performance), makes it ideal for a range of applications but particularly skylights or heritage buildings looking to improve thermal performance and control natural light but where a double glazed unit is not possible. Some examples include:


  • Access to natural light is proven to improve productivity and morale
  • Improved health and less absenteeism due to less artificial lighting and temperature control


  • More hygienic than blinds
  • Patients recover quicker with access to natural light


  • Students proven to concentrate better with access natural light
  • Less spread of illness due to less artificial temperature control
  • Lower energy bills

Green Star projects

  • Potential points for ‘Innovation’
  • Gain points for ‘access to natural light’ 
  • Energy saving/reduce emissions


A few example glass make-ups shown below. Please contact Glassworks if you require data for a specific make-up that is not represented here.

Suntuitive MonoLite performance
Light TransmissionReflectanceSolar Heat GainU-Value
12.76mm Clear Suntuitive® MonoLite with LoE-i89®
6mm Clear
0.76mm Suntuitive Interlayer
6mm LoE-i89 Clear
57 - 8%8%0.40 - 0.263.5
12.76 Grey Suntuitive® MonoLite with LoE-i89®
6mm Grey
0.76mm Suntuitive Interlayer
6mm LoE-i89 Clear
27 - 4%8%0.30 - 0.233.6

Centre of glass calculated using LBNL Window 7.3 based on NFRC 100 environmental conditions

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