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We utilise the best technology and machinery from around the world to provide innovative, customised glass solutions with over 90 percent of all materials sourced locally.
Servicing nearly all glass needs, the main areas of focus are high performance windows and decorative panels with processing capabilities including; Insulated Glass Units, laminated glass, toughened glass and customised glass.
Glassworks1 590x402 520x354
Glassworks3 590x402 520x354

Processing capabilities

  • Custom laminating
  • Heat strengthening
  • Double glazing
  • Toughening
  • Forming/slumping
  • Customised glass

Float glass types

  • Clear float
  • Tinted float
  • Grey float
  • Green float
  • Low-iron float
  • Clear mirror
  • Black mirror
  • Grey mirror
  • Bronze mirror
  • Acid etched float
  • Patterned float: White Niisiji, Aqualite, Mistlite

Laminated glass types​

  • Clear laminate
  • Grey laminate
  • Cool blue laminate
  • Super green laminate
  • Soft white translucent
  • White translucent
  • Acoustic
  • ComfortPlus clear, neutral, grey, green,
  • Optiview

Plant capabilities


Minimum glass size: 350mm x 450mm
Maximum glass size: 4300mm x 2500mm
Glass thickness: 4mm to 19mm

  • Drilling – 5mm to 19mm only
  • Cut-outs – 6mm to 19mm only
  • Power point cut-outs
  • ES-2 cut-outs etc.


Laminate cutting
Laminate minimum: 150mm x 350mm
Laminate maximum: 4600mm x 3210mm
Laminate glass thickness: 6.38mm to 12.76mm

Annealed cutting
Annealed maximum: 3210mm x 6000mm
Annealed glass thickness: 4mm to 19mm

Edge Work

  • Flat polish
  • Rough aris
  • Flat grind
  • Mitre


  • Drilled holes
  • Slotted holes
  • Countersink holes
  • Corner notch/cut-outs
  • Dorma cut-out


​Uncoated glass
Minimum thickness: 4mm
Maximum thickness: 19mm

Coated glass
Minimum thickness: 4mm
Maximum thickness: 10mm
(depending on coating)

Overall size of panel determines thickness able to be toughened. I.e. over a certain square meterage may require an upgrade to the next thickness.

Toughened holes & cut outs
Available across all glass thicknesses greater than 10mm requires a minimum Flat Grind finish

Distance between edge of glass and edge of cut-out must be at least four times the glass thickness

Toughened glass minimum charge = 0.3m2

Heat soaking

Uncoated glass
Minimum thickness: 4mm
Maximum thickness: 16mm

Coated glass
Minimum thickness: 4mm
Maximum thickness: 10mm
(depending on coating)

Minimum glass size: 100mm x 300mm
Maximum glass size: 2800mm x 6000mm
(irrespective of uncoated or coated)

Custom laminate

Minimum glass size: 300mm x 600mm
Maximum glass size:  2700mm x 5100mm 
Toughened custom laminate glass requires a minimum 1.52mm interlayer

Interlayer types

  • PVB
  • SGP
  • Decorative mesh (SEFAR®)

Custom lam min charge = 0.8m2

Insulated Glass Units

Minimum glass size: 170mm x 350mm
Maximum glass size: 2700mm x 5000mm
Minimum unit thickness: 14mm
Stepped units available

Sealing type

  • Silicon


  • Argon gas filled units available
  • Simple/complex shaped edge processing capabilities
  • Shaped edges: 4mm to 19mm

IGU minimum charge = 0.5m2


Templates can be provided at an additional cost.
Templates are to be manufactured from a sturdy material such as plywood.

  • No glass templates
  • No paper/cardboard templates


Truck capabilities

Maximum size delivered: 2800 x 4300mm
Glass stillage size for site deliveries: 1600 x 2400mm.
Any site delivery over this requires a side loader

All deliveries to be customer assisted.

Standard delivery times
6:30am to 3:00pm

Deliveries outside of these hours by agreement between Glassworks and Customer

Site deliveries available on request for an additional cost

Despatch opening hours
6:00am to 11:30am
12:30pm to 2:15pm