LoĒ³-340® low-e glass

The ultimate sun-blocking magnetron low e glass for the most energy efficient commercial buildings

LoĒ³-340® is the ultimate sun blocking low-e glass perfect for commercial windows. It produces a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) figure of just 0.18, the lowest of any stocked and readily available low e glass in Australia.

Typically, to achieve such an SHGC figure would mean compromising visibility or blocking it altogether. What makes LoĒ³-340 extra unique is that unlike the others with a low SHGC, it is able to achieve a Visible Light Transmission (VLT) figure of 38% – well within the desired range of 30-40% for commercial projects.

In any climate, LoĒ³-340 can even assist buildings with western elevations achieve the highest energy ratings – without screens and overhangs – allowing for more architectural freedom and reduced costs.

What’s more, the external reflectivity is only 11%, making it highly beneficial for building permits. And because it is locally stocked by Glassworks, short lead times can easily be met.

LoĒ³-340 also comes standard with Neat® technology, an easy-clean coating activated by harnessing the suns rays, making it a low energy and low maintenance glass.


Keeps buildings warm in winter and cool in summer

Lowest SHGC figure without compromising visibility

Assists with energy ratings without the need for screens or overhangs

Low interior and exterior reflectance, important for building permits and comfort

Doesn’t spoil the view like other tinted glass

Comes standard with Neat® self-cleaning technology

Locally stocked for quick supply


Blue/grey tint


Commercial or residential windows

Green Star projects

Performance Table

Typical low-e IGU 6mm Clear /12mm Argon / 6mm clear 6mm LoE-340 Clear / 12mm Argon / 6mm clear
Light Transmission 73% 38%
Reflectance Exterior 17%  11%
SHGC 0.67 0.18
U-Value 1.6  1.36
Performance glass figures