LoE-i89® low-e glass

A superior Indium Tin Oxide low e glass for residential windows – can be single glazed or double glazed in an IGU

LoE-i89® is a low-e which represents is the next generation of low-e glass, outperforming the others all year round, especially during the colder months. The i89 technology reflects escaping heat back into the room and reduces U-Values to meet the strictest energy efficiency guidelines, even as a single glazed unit.

Essentially, the magnetron coating on LoE-i89® is Indium Tin Oxide (ITO). As it is not a silver based coat, the product is approved for use as an exposed coating and can be used in monolithic configurations as surface two or in Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) as surface four. ITO coated glass is widely used in the United States and Canada in this way to avoid the need for a triple glazed unit.

Because it is able to perform as a monolithic single glazed unit, it is the superior economical solution for residential windows. Better still, when combined with a high performance low e like our LoĒ-366®, it achieves unprecedented performance such as a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of 0.27 and a U-Value of just 1 . 1 – the lowest U-Value currently on the Australian market.

Unlike other low-e glass, it achieves optimum clarity, without the haze. It also comes standard with Neat® technology, an easy-clean coating which uses the sun’s rays to lift dirt so the rain can wash it away with minimal streaks.


Keeps buildings naturally warmer in winter and reduces U-Values

Meets strict energy efficiency guidelines

Clearest surface without the haze

Can be left single-glazed to keep costs down and performs even better as a double glazed unit

Combines with LoĒ-366 for the ultimate performance unit

Comes standard with Neat® self-cleaning technology

Colours Available on Clear or Grey glass


Commercial or residential windows

Green Star projects

Performance Table

4mm clear glass 4mm LoE-i89 4mm LoE-i89 on Clear 12mm Argon / 4mm clear float 4mm LoE-366 on Clear 12mm Argon / 4mm LoE-i89(4)*
Light Transmission 89% 88% 80% 63%
SHGC 0.85 0.76 0.67 0.27
U-Value 5.9 3.65 1.64 1.10

*LoE-i89 on surface 4 of the unit (room side)

LoE-i89 brochurePerformance figures table