VLT G2 d


Choose from clear or tinted skins to control the visibility as required for your project


Solar control​

Options such as Coated and tinted work to control the room temperature.

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Thermal insulation

Argon gas with a SuperSpacer are less conductive and work to slow heat transfer for more insulation.

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Energy saving

Insulated Glass Units are naturally more energy efficient than single glazed units due to their solar control and insulation.


Skin Options

FLOAT (4-10mm)

  • Clear
  • Grey
  • Crystal Blue
  • Green

Annealed, toughened or heat strengthened Option of heat soaking

LOW-E COATED (4-8mm)

  • EnergyTech
  • SolTech
  • Evantage
  • Glassworks’ exclusive range of high performing low-E: LoE³-366®, LoE³-340®, LoE-i89® and Optitherm

LAMINATE (6-12mm)

  • Clear, Cool Blue, Grey, White Translucent
  • ComfortPlus Clear, Green, Grey, Neutral
  • Optiview® – All annealed or toughened Option of heat strengthening



6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20 mm


  • 100% Air (standard)
  • 90% Argon/10% Air (option)


  • Aluminium (standard)
  • Optional SuperSpacer (option)
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A few example glass make-ups shown below. Please contact Glassworks if you require data for a specific make-up that is not represented here.


Centre of glass calculated using LBNL Window 7.3 based on NFRC 100 environmental conditions

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