DecorSat satin-etched glass

Lustrous satin etched glass – finger print free and scratch-resistent

Glassworks DecorSat satin-etched glass offers a lustrous satin finish and is the superior choice for a variety of decorative panel applications including partitions, screens, wall cladding, splashbacks, doors, table tops and benches.

There is a fully opaque version as well as the new variant ‘Nuvola’ (meaning cloud in Italian) which gives a new edge on satin-etched glass with a smooth subtle horizontal gradient for partially private glass and a striking alternative to traditional screening and balustrades.

There is also the possibility of custom back painting the glass for large projects. Or available in limited stocks is a pre-painted ceramic frit version using a process of firing the paint on during the tempering phase to make it durable and weather resistant for outdoor applications.

The best part is that DecorSat is fingerprint free and scratch resistent – proven by rigorous European testing – and because it is manufactured in Italy and processed locally by Glassworks, consistent lasting quality is also a given.


Wall cladding
Tabletops and benches (DecorSat)
Bathroom vanities


DecorSat (opaque)

DecorSat Nuvola (gradient)

Prepainted in white or red