At the forefront of performance driven glass to reduce energy consumption and increase thermal comfort, Glassworks are proud to have a range of the most advanced glass technologies with proven performance figures that are second-to-none.


Insulation half
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EnerSave® Insulating Glass Units >>

Customised IGUs for a variety of applications in various colours and thicknesses.


EnerSave® Plus Low-E IGUs>>

A range of versatile IGUs with various Low-E pyrolytic coatings or acoustic laminates.

EnerSave® Advance

Insulation three quarter

Optitherm® clear double glazed >>

A super clear and insulating low-E perfect for colder climates at the perfect price point

LoE i89

LoE-i89® clear single or double glazed >>

A smoother and clearer low-E glass able to be single or double glazed

EnerSave® Ultimate

Insulation full
LoE 366

LoĒ³-366® clear double glazed >>

A neutral coloured triple silver low-E offering the ultimate balance of year-round thermal comfort and visibility

LoE 340

LoĒ³-340® solar control double glazed >>

A blueish coloured triple silver low-E with superior solar control for commercial facades




U-Value measures how much heat is transferred through the glass. The lower the value the better the insulation.



Solar Heat Gain Coefficient measures how much solar radiation passes through the glass. The lower the value the greater the thermal stopping power.


Visible Light Transmission (VLT) measures the percentage of natural light entering a room and visibility from the inside out.


Exterior reflectance

Measures the reflectivity of a building via a percentage. Under 20% is needed for obtaining commercial building permits and under 15% is desirable for residential builds.

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Please note that Glassworks is a glass manufacturer and not a glazier or window supplier. We supply the glass to the industry only.