We know a thing or two about glass, advanced coating technologies and how to specify and glaze the best windows for your project. This section guides you to a heap of handy information so you can become an expert too.

Low-E Glass

Low Emissivity (Low-E) glass is essentially an invisible metallic coating applied to the glass surface to enhance its insulating properties, naturally regulating building temperatures.

Glassworks is proud to offer a variety of pioneering Low-E products exclusively to the Australian market, each embodying different performance features for different applications.

Neat® easy-clean coating

A patented invisible titanium dioxide layer with photocatalysis and anti-static properties. Neat helps windows stay cleaner for longer than uncoated glass by reacting with the sun’s UV rays breaking down organic pollutants through a process called photocatalysis. Water sheets off the glass, rinsing away decomposed materials materials and leaving windows cleaner.

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Insulating Glass Units

IGUs are double glazed units with inherent thermal insulating properties which can also incorporate a Low-E coating for optimum performance.

The spacers (Argon or Air) and the surface on which you apply the Low-E coating results in different performance suitable for different conditions. Glassworks also offers a SuperSpacer which further slows the heat transfer through the window for an even more insulating effect.

Choosing the right glass

When it comes to glass, it’s not quite a case of ”one size fits all”. The suitability of a given glazing product is dependent on a variety of factors such as climate, building elevation, surroundings and building requirements.

But don’t worry, we’ve got a few tips and tools in place to aid the decision process, whether you’re a home window enthusiast, a builder or an architect looking to advise your client.



Product brochures

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Glass guides

Our residential and commercial low-E glass guides are handy to refer to when choosing the best glass for your project.


All our research in one location, the growing collection of whitepapers offer in-depth insights into all things glass in terms of energy efficiency, thermal comfort & health.