SEFAR® Architecture Vision

SEFAR® mesh laminated glass

SEFAR Architecture Vision or better known as SEFAR mesh laminated glass is a quality decorative aluminium mesh from Switzerland laminated between two panes of glass in a variety of spectacular finishes achieving different looks and levels of privacy. Teamed up with regular glass or mirrored on the back, it offers the most striking range of glass cladding solutions.

As a decorative panel, SEFAR delivers infinite design possibilities and proven stunning results in applications such as balustrades, partitions and wall cladding.  As an external facade solution, it is not only striking but also highly functional due to its one-way vision, accoustic properties and energy saving potential.

SEFAR comes in various densities and thicknesses with the added option of custom painting the mesh in any Pantone colour or pattern prior to its lamination. The mesh has been calibrated in such a way that makes the facade both optically and functionally unique. It acts as a privacy glass from the outside without unobstructing vision from the inside. This of course depends on the mesh density and colour but is a feature truly unique to SEFAR in that it not only offers a visually interesting facade but makes buildings private whilst maintaining the view.

Best of all, SEFAR mesh laminated glass is able to assist with the energy efficiency of a building by reducing heat gain and protecting from UV.


Commercial and residential windows, wall cladding, splashbacks, feature windows, signage, advertising, facades

Sheet sizes

Maximum sheet sizes are 5000 x 1500 AL available up to 2100 wide on request. Double sided metallic coating available on request

Mesh Swatches

  • AL260/55, Low Iron
  • PR Copper, Silver Mirror
  • PR Gold, Low Iron
  • Black Mirror
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