Processing, cutting & edgework

Our glass processing facility in Victoria cuts to size a variety of annealed and laminated glass sheets and can incorporate holes and cut outs according to the specific needs of our customers and their customers. 

Cutting & Holes


Laminate cutting
Laminate minimum: 150mm x 350mm
Laminate maximum: 4600mm x 3210mm
Laminate glass thickness: 6.38mm to 12.76mm

Annealed cutting
Annealed maximum: 3210mm x 6000mm
Annealed glass thickness: 4mm to 19mm


  • Drilled holes – 5mm to 19mm only
  • Slotted holes
  • Countersink holes
  • Corner notch/cut-outs – 6mm to 19mm only
  • Dorma cut-out – 6mm to 19mm only
  • Power point cut-outs
  • ES-2 cut-outs etc


  • Flat polish
  • Rough aris
  • Flat grind
  • Mitre


  • Minimum glass size: 350mm x 450mm
  • Maximum glass size: 4300mm x 2500mm
  • Glass thickness: 4mm to 19mm


Templates can be provided at an additional cost and are to be manufactured from a sturdy material such as plywood. 

No glass templates or paper/cardboard templates.

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Please note that Glassworks is a glass manufacturer and not a glazier or window supplier. We supply the glass to the industry only.