Sheet Sizes​

  • Standard width 1500mm
  • Aluminium available up to 2100 wide on request.
  • Double sided metallic coating available on request.

Glass Lamination

  • Clear or Low Iron extra clear glass
  • Tinted glass
  • Mirror back (for wall cladding)
  • Toughening and other processing available.
  • We don’t recommend exposed edges unless but-joined. Framing is essential if being specified for outdoor use.

Mesh Interlayer

  • Different mesh densities and colours available to achieve different looks and levels of privacy.
  • Locally stocked option – 260/55 (recommended for better lead times and price)
  • Imported options for larger projects – 140/25, 140/50, 260/30 (first number denotes the thickness, second number is the spacing).

Mesh laminate configuration

Element 1@2x

Standard colours (glass laminate examples)


Aluminum (raw)


Printed Copper

gold 1

Printed Gold

Mesh detail (not to scale)

AL 260 55 detail

AL 260/55 

(locally stocked)

AL 260 30 detail

AL 260/30*

AL 140 50 detail

AL 140/50*

AL 140 25 detail

AL 140/30*

PR 260 55 COPPER CPST detail

PR CP 260/55

(locally stocked)

PR 260 30 COPPER CPST detail

PR CP 260/30*

PR 140 50 COPPER CPST detail

PR CP 140/50*

PR 140 25 COPPER CPST detail

PR CP 140/30*

PR 260 55 GOLD GDST detail

PR GD 260/55

(locally stocked)

PR 260 30 GOLD GDST detail

PR GD 260/30*

PR 140 50 GOLD GDST detail

PR GD 140/50*

PR 140 25 GOLD GDST detail

PR GD 140/30*

*Special offshore order, for larger projects with longer lead times


Commercial and residential windows, wall cladding, splashbacks, feature windows, signage, advertising, facades

sheet size

Commercial Facades

As an external facade solution, SEFAR is not only striking but also highly functional due to its one-way vision, sun and glare protection, acoustic properties and energy saving potential.

decorative panels

Decorative Panels

As a decorative panel, SEFAR delivers infinite design possibilities for balustrades, partitions and walls. With the mesh laminated in your choice of low-iron, tinted glass or mirror back, each panel is completely customised and unique.


Solar Heat GainLight TransmissionU-Value
AL 140/250.3720%5.3
AL 140/500.5445%5.3
AL 260/300.4025%5.3
AL 260/550.5649%5.3
Printed Gold
PR Gold 140/250.3921%5.3
PR Gold 140/500.5545%5.3
PR Gold 260/300.4024%5.3
PR Gold 260/550.5547%5.3
Printed Copper
PR Copper 140/250.3821%5.3
PR Copper 140/500.5444%5.3
PR Copper 260/300.4024%5.3
PR Copper 260/550.5647%5.3

Based on 2 x 4mm Low Iron glass and 2 x .89 SGP interlayers.

Thermal calculation made with Win SLT from Sommer InformatikGmbH according to measurements from Dr. Prof FeldMeier ift Rosenheim.

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