LoE³-366® Project

Bairnsdale Library, Victoria

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PRODUCTLoE³-366® low-E glass IGUs
SPECS6mm LoE-366 Clear / 12 Argon / 6mm Clear
ACCOLADESBest Commercial Building ($3M-$6M) in the 2015 Master Builders Regional Building Awards, two categories in the Australian Timber Design Awards, two categories in the Australian Property Institute Awards, and the Banksia Sustainability Awards.

Designed by NOWarchitecture, the Bairnsdale library project was acknowledged by the design and building industry at several awards. Winner of several accolades including Best Commercial Building ($3M-$6M).

The project brief required the design to uphold the connection to the Heritage Hall, which ran along the full length of the northern edge of the site, taking up the entire desired northern aspect. Since NOWarchitecture chose to make use of the east facing glazing on the front facade, the glass performance was critical to the success of the design.

Glassworks’ LoE³-366® provided the best combination of insulation, natural daylighting and transparency with low reflectance. In combination with the timber structure and the Raico Therm + glazing system, the LoE³-366® delivered an extremely high value system, with higher insulation levels and lower cost than conventional aluminium facade systems.

The Bairnsdale library also serves as a community hub with meeting rooms, a cafeteria and a range of formal and informal reading and research spaces. The innovative and holistic environmental design has reduced operational and energy costs, providing a warm aesthetic based on exposed plantation timber structures. The high performance of the LoE³-366® glass facade atrium and a passive hydrothermal air conditioning system combine to provide excellent natural lighting, thermal comfort and air quality.

The glazing system was a crucial factor in the success of the building design by providing a facade with a U value of 1.36 while allowing high levels of natural lighting. The excellent transparency of the facade design plays a key role in engaging the public and in the aesthetic response to the heritage building. The high level of visibility into the building from the street and the use of LED internal lighting not only secure the plaza forecourt but also promote the library at night.

Product and material selections for the project were based on value for money both in construction and ongoing costs. For instance, joinery quality allowed secondary finishes to be significantly reduced, saving costs and increasing value; the glazing system incorporates approximately 140m² of performance LoE³-366® glass; the timber framed, double glazed facade ensures higher daylighting levels and lower heat gain and loss. Client monitored the energy usage at the library observing significant reductions; and LoE³-366®’s Neat® easy-clean coating is practically self-cleaning, reducing ongoing maintenance.

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