Solar control​

LoE-i89 produces a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of 0.72 when single glazed and 0.67 when double glazed in an IGU. Best of all, combining it with LoE³-366® in an IGU achieves an SHGC of 0.27.

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Thermal insulation

LoE-i89 makes the most of the winter sun and reflects escaping heat back into the room during the colder months. LoE-i89 combined with LoE³-366® in an IGU produces the lowest possible U-Value of 1.1


Easy-clean coating

LoE-i89 comes standard with Neat, a titanium dioxide layer which harnesses the sun’s rays to loosen dirt so the rain can wash it away with minimal streaks.

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Energy saving

The ability to naturally cool, warm and light up a building results in far lower energy bills.

VLT G2 d

High visibility

As a double glazed unit, LoE-i89 achieves an incredible a Visible Light Transmission (VLT) of 80%, among the best in its class.


Glass Options​

  • Available on Clear or Grey glass

Monolithic glazing options​

  • Single glazed on surface 2

IGU glazing options​

  • Double glazed on surface 2
  • Performs best with LoE-366 on surface 2 and LoE-i89 on surface 4

Double glazed / Insulated Glass Unit

image 2 1

Single glazed / monolithic unit

mono final


The clarity of LoE-i89 in clear along with its superior insulation make it the perfect window choice for homes. To lower project costs, some homers may choose single-glazed windows for some of their windows receiving less sun as LoE-i89 as available both single or double glazed. 

  • Buildings seeking natural light and superior clarity
  • Southern facing windows
  • Predominantly colder climates
  • Premium and budget projects as product can be single or double glazed


A few example glass make-ups shown below. Please contact Glassworks if you require data for a specific make-up that is not represented here.

Light TransmissionReflectanceSolar Heat GainU-Value
Regular clear single glazed
6mm clear float88%8%0.825.8
LoE-i89® single glazed
6mm LoE-i89 Clear87%7%0.723.6
LoE-i89® double glazed IGU
4mm LoE-i89 Clear
12mm Argon
4mm clear
LoE-366 (surface 2) with LoE-i89 (surface 4)
4mm LoE-366 Clear
12mm Argon
4mm LoE-i89

Centre of glass calculated using LBNL Window 7.3 based on NFRC 100 environmental conditions

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