Double Glazing (IGUs)

Glassworks has been manufacturing Insulating Glass Units (IGU) since well before double glazing became the norm in the building industry.  Our highly advanced IGU line in Victoria is set up to service nearly all residential and commercial double glazing requirements with a variety of thicknesses, spacers, coatings, shapes and sizes able to be produced. 


Glass options

  • Clear float
  • Tinted float
  • Grey float
  • Green float
  • Low-iron float
  • Clear mirror
  • Black mirror
  • Grey mirror
  • Bronze mirror
  • Acid etched float
  • Patterned float: White Niisiji, Aqualite, Mistlite


  • Argon gas 


  • Silicone


  • Simple/complex shaped edge processing capabilities
  • Shaped edges: 4mm to 19mm
  • Stepped units available


  • Minimum glass size: 170mm x 350mm
  • Maximum glass size: 2700mm x 5000mm
  • Minimum unit thickness: 14mm

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Please note that Glassworks is a glass manufacturer and not a glazier or window supplier. We supply the glass to the industry only.