Optitherm® Project

Residential build, Ivanhoe Victoria

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PRODUCTOptitherm® low-E Insulating Glass Units
SPECS5mm Clear / 12mm Argon / 5mm Optither
ARCHITECT / BUILDER Cassisi Architects

Located in the Ravenswood Mansion Precinct of Ivanhoe in Victoria’s inner eastern suburbs, Cassisi Architects have successfully delivered a masterpiece of craftsmanship and architectural innovation for this new designer residence. 

This two-level, 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom home achieves a 6-star rating by using thermally broken U-Max windows and doors supplied by Aztec Windows glazed with Glassworks’ Optitherm clear Insulating Glass Units. 

U-Max is a thermally broken framing system especially designed for Australian conditions and building standards and Optitherm is an exceptionally clear and insulating glass. Together as a window system they achieved an SHGC of 0.5, VLT of 0.68 and a U-Value of 2.1 for the fixed windows*.

Luxury at its finest, building materials include rendering, steel and concrete in a mixture of greys, blacks, whites and cedar hues. The aforementioned windows and doors are powder coated by Aztec Windows in Dulux Electro Black Ace which gives it a unique anodised look and aligns well with the sleek contemporary design. 

 What’s more, the superior clarity of the Optitherm allows unobstructed views of the entertainment terrace and secluded gardens the home backs on to and adds a nice contrast to the black framing. 

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*Figures are approximate and calculated using Window 6.3 and Therm 6.3 software.