LoE³-366® & LoE³-340® Project

genU Hub, Geelong

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PRODUCTLoE³-366® and LoE³-340® triple silver low-E IGUs
SPECS6mm LoE-366 Clear / 12 Argon / 6mm Clear & 6mm LoE-340 Clear / 12 Argon / 6mm Clear
WINDOW SYSTEMRAICO Pacific bespoke timber and shades. Alspec ThermAframe
ACCOLADESTo be announced

genU is a non-profit merger of Karingal and St Laurence offering a full gamete of community support services such as aged care, disability support, accommodation and business enterprises which kick start the career of someone with a disability. And the space is as inclusive as it is innovative. 

NOWarchitecture was engaged for their ability to create unique public spaces with sustainability top of mind. And having previously collaborated on building envelopes, the combination of RAICO Pacific bespoke timber systems and Glassworks’ high performing low-E Insulating Glass Units, LoE-366 and LoE-340, came together to deliver another fantastic result, further enhanced by Alspec ThermAframe.

The 4,000m2 project valued at over $15m adopted progressive design principles, engineering and glazing to future-proof the 3-story structure. The long facades were broken up for aesthetic appeal and self-shading. Custom fabricated shade screens to the northern facade by RAICO Pacific coupled with some Alspec ThermAframe to provide further softening and reduced reflection from the dominant façade. While bespoke timber framing provides natural insulation complemented by energy efficient glazing; a combination of our LoE3-366 and LoE-340 triple silver low-E.

As a whole façade system it achieves an impressive Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of 0.18 and U-Value of 1.65 to the rear side where where LoE-340 is used to combat direct summer sun. While the front façade achieves a Visible Light Transmission of 66% for more natural light, balanced with a SHGC of 0.27 thanks to LoE-366.

The building is designed for sustainability by capitalising on embodied energy and cross ventilation through intelligent design and material selection as well as natural light and passive heating/cooling through appropriate glazing. 

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