Sheet Sizes

  • Standard width 2400mm
  • Maximum length 5000mm

Glass Lamination

  • Clear or Low Iron extra clear glass
  • Tinted glass
  • Toughening and other processing available.

Coloured Interlayer

  • Saflex® Vanceva® Color interlayers
  • 16 base colours which can be mix and matched to form up to 17,000 different tonal varieties
  • Can be combined with acoustic or structural interlayers as required

Coloured laminate configuration

Element 1@2x


Commercial and residential windows, feature windows, facades, signage, advertising, partitions, joinery

Coloured laminated glass facade

Commercial Facades

Add vibrancy as well as sun and glare protection. Can be incorporated with acoustic interlayers or in an IGU with low-E coatings

Red laminated glass

Decorative Panels

Brighten up an interior or carry your company corporate colours through to the office fitout by incorporating coloured interlayers.


Light TransmittanceSolar Heat GainSolar Transmittance
Soft Colours
Coral Rose (0001)76%0.7770%
Aquamarine (0002)78%0.7568%
Smoke Grey (0003)78%0.7567%
Sahara Sun (0004)78%0.7263%
Dark Colours
Ruby Red (0005)48%0.7262%
Sapphire (0006)52%0.6755%
Evening Shadow (0007)49%0.6248%
Light Colours
Golden Light (0008)85%0.7669%
Arctic Snow (0009)68%0.6860%
Cool White (000A)81%0.7467%
Muted Colours
Deep Red (000C)15%0.5438%
True Blue (000D)12%0.5742%
Tangerine (000E)41%0.6554%
Polar White (000F)7%0.2310%
Absolute Black (000G)0%0.300%
Ocean Grey (000H)61%0.6959%

All data calculated using LBL Window 6.3, NFRC/ASHRAE Conditions; Centre of Glass Values; US standard units.

Laminates constructed as: 3mm clear glass/ 0.38mm Saflex interlayer / 3mm clear glass. 

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